Buddy's Tail
A Novel for Kids About Some Wonderful Dogs

Meet the Dogs

   MacKenzie is our narrator. She's a Border Collie, a real take charge woman. Buddy, our hero is a sweet Standard Poodle with a poofy topknot and an even sillier tail. Javier is a chile pepper of a Chihuahua with foot issues. Dumb Derek is a Rottweiller with an orange tongue and feet because he worked as a guard dog at a chemical waste dump. Skootch is an aging curmudgeon of a German Short-haired Pointer. Leroy and Roxanne are rescue dogs who are German Short-haired Pointers with something extra thrown in. Badge, a black lab, is a Marine military dog stationed in Afghanistan. Sonny, the Good Shepherd and Howie the Zen-like Golden Retriever, reside in Haven, doggie Paradise.
Our story teller, a take control kinda gal
Dumb Derek
Howie and Sonny